From Chapter 1:

     I knock the words out of her stomach with my fists, ONE. TWO. I make the letters scatter and spray out all over until they can’t be reassembled.
     And when my fists make contact, Kat’s eyes don’t close — they get bigger. Her eyes are big and black. Pools of eyeliner, like ink marking the eyes of a comic book villain. Me, I’m a hero in my combat boots, an explosion squashing evil. What I lack in sex appeal I make up for with brawn and ambition. This isn’t some lame catfight slapfest. This is a real fight.
     I kick her in the right knee, THREE, and throw her off balance long enough to catch her with a punch square in the jaw. FOUR.
     I cup my hands around her beautiful face. Then I knee her in the groin, hard. FIVE.
     Next I punch Kat right in her glasses. The white plastic snaps clean down the middle and flies from her face like a busted halo. Like they know it’s a bad situation. Like they’re getting the hell out of here. SIX.
     Kat gapes at the glasses on the ground like they’ve betrayed her. Steam lines radiate from her head.
     But she doesn’t fall down like she’s supposed to.
     She hits me in the stomach, OOMPH! and 5-pointed stars in different sizes fly out. She kicks my shins in, sending me down, sending me diving, crashing, banging, to the ground. She stomps on my back, digging her blue heel in and twisting it.
     This is not what’s supposed to happen.
     Everyone is watching me, and everyone has their surprised faces on. I’m surprised too. I haven’t lost a fight since the first fight I won.
     In true villainess form, Kat stands over me. She looks mangy, dirty, but tough. She lights a cigarette. She taps the ashes, TAP TAP. She starts to laugh as her friends circle her, then they walk away. And leave me.

This is the end of me being a hero.
The end.